Energy Audits & BCAs

Optimize Your Energy Efficiency.

Our experienced team carries out ASHRAE Energy Audits & Building Condition Assessments, leveraging industry best practices to assess energy use and identify efficiency opportunities within buildings. 

At Sustainable Projects Group, we specialize in minimizing the time and risk of energy conservation projects for single or multiple facilities. Let us handle the details, reducing risks and cutting costs by identifying energy-saving opportunities through comprehensive Audits and Building Condition Assessments (BCAs). Take the first step towards significant utility savings and improve operations today.

What will conducting
an Energy Audit & BCAs Achieve?

Accuracy & Reliability

Having up to date information on your building systems ensure risk and uncertainty are minimized while maximizing cost savings.

Efficient Operations

An audit will identify any inefficiencies in facility systems operations and outline several applicable cost savings measures.

Informed Decisions

Our experts perform in-depth analyses which provides you with the data you need to make confident and informed energy efficiency decisions.

The SPG Process:

Our 5 step audit assessment process provides a comprehensive system overview with proposed energy efficiency upgrades based on your buildings conditions, that will return the highest energy savings and reduced operating costs of your building portfolio(s). 


SPG researches available incentives that can be used to help fund the energy audit as well as any energy efficiency measures identified. We complete any required documentation on behalf of our clients, ensuring we leverage maximum project funding.

Site Assessment

Our team of specialists conducts a thorough site assessment which analyzes all existing building systems, including the building envelope and all electrical, lighting, mechanical, and water systems.

Modeling & Analysis

Using various software applications and information gained from the site assessment, including energy utility bills, SPG builds an accurate model of the facility’s energy consumption.

Energy Conservation Measures

The building data and model are analyzed to determine a set of Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) that can be implemented within the facility. All relevant data is provided for each ECM, including estimated energy savings, simple payback periods, applicable technologies, and any existing government incentives.


SPG will work alongside your organization to create a strategy that aligns with your corporate objectives and applicable incentive funding, ensuring that every dollar invested is fully leveraged for actualized energy savings.

The SPG Energy Audit & BCAs provides the data you need to make confident & informed energy efficiency decisions. 

We can present this data for each building or as a concise summary for your entire portfolio. SPG saves you time and cuts down on risks and costs. With our dedicated team, you'll have a full range of experts and professionals at your fingertips—all through one easy point of contact.

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