Get more with less kWh.

An energy audit can help you save money, save energy and save the environment.

Save on costs per square foot

Energy rates are on the rise. Your properties need to operate efficiently and sustainably. SPG has industry leading expertise to enhance the value of all your spaces.

More learning. Less carbon

You strive to exceed top standards of energy efficiency in all learning environments. Through SPG, over 120 schools in Alberta and B.C. have stepped into the future of lighting and learning.

Lower your carbon footprint

Industrial plants stand to gain the most from energy efficiency incentive programs. SPG leads the charge in shaping these incentive programs and standards.

Sustainability is the core value of what we do

Saving money and enhancing spaces are the result.

The world is rapidly moving towards leaner energy consumption as governments set higher energy conservation standards. At SPG, we don’t just know the standards to help you save energy. We help set them. We’re not just aware of the incentive programs available to save you money. We helped shape them.

Our high-powered team of experts work together to help you save energy, save costs and, yes… save the environment, one kWh at a time.

Total kWh Saved

Equivalent Trees Planted

We are Sustainability Projects Group

We are industry-leading energy auditors, engineers and project managers. We are lighting and electrical installers. We are academics and researchers who push the envelope in best practices for energy efficiency. We are technicians with frontlines experience. We dream big for our clients. We base plans on business realities.

SPG captures your full savings potential by providing the complete breadth of services, required for effective energy saving projects. We help you save money through the deep expertise of our cross-functional team across all project stages, from assessment, to design, to installation, to post-install and warranty support.