Sustainability the smart way

How SPG Can Help

Let SPG be a part of your organizations’ energy efficiency strategy. Let us help save you money, time and energy.

Energy Audits

SPG will assess your facilities and identify Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) that offer energy efficiency improvements.


Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) are designed and proposed based on new technology, manufacturers, labour
requirements, and calculated savings.


SPG will identify and manage all local, provincial, and federal incentives that offer savings on your energy projects, doing all applications and paperwork on your behalf.


The SPG team specializes in installing and completing efficiency projects across the country, allowing you to seamlessly execute portfolio-wide upgrades.


A corporate energy strategy will set you apart- SPG will help you plan and develop an effective sustainability strategy that will ensure every dollar invested is leveraged as far as possible.

Sustainability is the core value of what we do

Saving money and increased efficiency are the results.

The world is rapidly moving on a path to minimized energy consumption to conserve resources, to preserve our environment, and to reduce costs. SPG is a trailblazer in the sustainable energy management and energy efficiency industry: we don’t just work in the field- we helped shape it.

Our high-powered team of experts will inform, support, and collaborate with you on all your energy management needs, from energy audits to installation to post-project support. We ensure every dollar invested results in maximized energy savings, working to save you money with our unique incentive support.

We help you save money, time, and energy- shaping the future we want, one energy unit at a time.

Total kWh Saved

Equivalent Trees Planted

Energy Savings for All

We work with a wide range of clients to help realize energy savings in facilities of every size, shape, and location. Choose a sector below for more information.


Property Management


We innovate and design for the future- it’s all about knowing where energy innovations are headed, ensuring you don’t get stuck with the technology of today while the world moves towards tomorrow. With every journey we embark on with our clients, we ensure impactful changes are being made and work to develop feasible solutions. From assessment, to design, to implementation and beyond, we have industry leading experts that will guide and collaborate with you at every stage of your energy project.