BC Hydro Funding Opportunities

BC Hydro is offering up to 100% funding for industrial and large commercial customers to carry out integrated Energy Audits and Feasibility Studies on your facilities.

Integrated Energy Audits: 

High-level assessment of facility systems and equipment. Report will include:

  • Analysis of facility & equipment, including energy use breakdown
  • Identify energy management opportunities
  • Low to no cost tips to improve facility energy efficiency

Integrated Feasibility Studies: 

In-depth analysis of options & costs to implement measures with a facility. Measures may include:

  • Energy Efficiency (EE) – Optimize energy use & reduce consumption
  • Low Carbon Electrification (LCE) – Switch from fossil fuels to electricity
  • Demand Response (DR) – Reduce or shift energy demand on customer side & manage demand costs

Program Eligibility

  • Must be a BC Hydro industrial or large commercial customer
  • Consultant must be a BC Hydro Alliance Member
  • Feasibility Studies: Must identify total energy opportunities of at least 50,000 kWh/yr

SPG is a BC Hydro Alliance Member. 

Funding Availability

Energy Audit: 

  • 100% funding available

Feasibility Studies:

  • Identified energy opportunities of 50,000 kWh/year- 200,000 kWh/year, or 50-100 kW demand impact: 50% funding available
  • Identified energy opportunities of over 200,000 kWh/year, or over 100 kW demand impact: 100% funding available

What are energy opportunities?

Energy opportunities are energy savings and/or electrification measures from energy efficiency or low carbon electrification projects. BC Hydro will take the sum of these projects to determine energy opportunity. Demand impact is the impact from demand response projects.

Steps to Apply

  1. Get in touch with SPG to discuss project and confirm eligibility
  2. Arrange meeting with BC Hydro to review project and define scope
  3. SPG to develop proposal based on review meeting
  4. BC Hydro to review and approve proposal
  5. Funding agreement signed between BC Hydro and Customer
  6. SPG to carry out project within 6 months
  7. Final report reviewed with BC Hydro for approval
  8. Payment issued to customer

Want to go to the next stage?

Measures identified via the integrated feasibility study are eligible to move directly into the implementation phase. BC Hydro will use this study to identify available capital incentives to support project implementation.

Why SPG?

SPG is a leading design-build firm with experienced engineers and analysts dedicated to identifying energy and carbon reduction projects in the built environment. As BC Hydro Alliance members, we are qualified to support you in carrying out BC Hydro funded audits and feasibility studies. With 10 years of experience in the energy efficiency industry, and a dedicated team of engineers, analysts, project management professionals, and incentive support personnel, we are able to support you in fully leveraging available funding programs to develop actionable reports and strategies.

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