Engineering & Design… for all your electrical, mechanical and structural needs.

Tap into the power of a design-build approach for any of your electrical, mechanical or structural engineering projects.

Don’t pay twice. Get your designs right the first time with SPG

From commercial tenant improvements to off-grid housing, our diversely skilled team of engineers can provide the designs and the cost savings for all your electrical, mechanical and structural projects.

We save you time by reducing common issues with stand-alone engineering firms – over-design and lack of on-the-ground insight. Because our engineers work with technicians and installers right from the get-go, our designs match realities on the frontlines.

Additionally, we don’t take a templated approach to design – your unique needs drive your design. Whether you are looking for the most technologically appropriate, or cost-effective option, our team has everything it needs to turn your vision into reality. Finally, when it comes to energy conservation projects, SPG believes in designing for the future, considering the next stages in energy efficiency technology and best practices to minimize long-term costs.