Sub Metering

Why install sub meters?

Utility sub meters allow multi-tenant properties to measure individual utility use (including water, gas, and electricity), and/or monitor the electrical consumption of individual equipment.
Sub metering empowers tenants to control their own utility use. Instead of simply sharing costs equally, they can monitor and adjust their energy use to suit their requirements. Sub metering offers financial incentives for tenants to reduce energy consumption, which in turn benefits property owners.

Save energy and costs- sub metering is a proven solution that can reduce electricity consumption by up to 40%1.

What SPG can do for you?

SPG has a team of experts that will assist you with the installation and monitoring of sub meters in your facility. We offer a variety of solutions, including our propriety software- JOBI- which can be used to effectively track, monitor, and report on individual tenant utility use. Our energy auditors can provide benchmarking assessments prior to installation to effectively quantify energy savings.


We work with utility providers and property managers to install sub meters with minimal disruption. SPG will further assist you in applying for available rebates and incentives available to fully leverage your investment.

Optimize your building’s energy use and empower your tenants—contact us today to ask about sub metering solutions.

Affiliations and Designations

We innovate and design for the future- it’s all about knowing where energy innovations are headed, ensuring you don’t get stuck with the technology of today while the world moves towards tomorrow. With every journey we embark on, we ensure impactful changes are being made and work closely with our clients to develop feasible solutions. From assessment, to design, to implementation and beyond, we have industry leading experts that will guide and collaborate with you at every stage of your energy project.