Green Municipal Fund

The Green Municipal Fund’s (GMF) Community Building’s Retrofit (CBR) Program supports local governments and not-for-profit organizations to retrofit public buildings to improve energy performance, lower operating and maintenance costs, and transition to cleaner energy solutions over time.


Canadian communities have a diverse array of aging structures that require updates. These structures encompass important community-oriented facilities such as arenas, pools, and recreation centers that play a pivotal role in fostering vibrant local cultures.

The CRB initiative is designed to provide support for the revitalization of public buildings. This support is extended to local governmental bodies as well as nonprofit organizations. The overarching goal is to enhance the energy efficiency of these buildings, leading to decreased operational and maintenance expenses. Moreover, the initiative promotes a gradual shift towards cleaner and more sustainable energy solutions.

This comprehensive support is aimed at communities of varying sizes, enabling them to make substantial reductions in greenhouse gas emissions while simultaneously prolonging the lifespan of their assets.

Offers support at all stages of project development:

  • Community Building Monitoring and Analysis Grant
  • Community Building Recommissioning Grant
  • GHG Reduction Pathway Feasibility Study Grant
  • Capital Funding Grant/Loan
By taking advantage of the CBR program, your organization/municipality can achieve the following:

Special Highlight

GHG Reduction Pathway Feasibility Study Grant*
  • A GHG Reduction Pathway is a sequence of GHG reduction measures that allow community facilities to achieve 50% GHG reductions within 10 years and 80% GHG reductions within 20 years.
  • Study considers unique objectives and constraints of the building owner (i.e., building condition, capital budgets, equipment renewal cycles, etc.) and provide detailed exploration of multiple optimization scenarios.
  • Grant enables identification of measures to be addressed in a GHG reduction pathway retrofit project.
  • Grant for up to 80% of project costs, up to $65,000 per building, or $200,000 per portfolio.

*With a feasibility study, municipalities are able to access capital retrofit funding for an unlimited number of projects (recommended during study). Without this study, municipalities are only able to access capital funding for one project.


Eligible facilities can access funding for a single building or portfolio of buildings.

Program Deadline

Applications accepted on a rolling basis until funding is fully allocated.

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