SPG Webinar Series 

The Benefits of an Energy Audit

Sustainable Projects Group would like to invite you to a webinar on the Benefits of an Energy Audit.

In this session, we will explain what your current and future energy consumption will look like through an energy audit program. Also, we will discuss how you can improve your energy consumption for the long term through a simple step-by-step process.

This presentation will be tailored for property managers, maintenance managers, C-level executives(CFO, CEO), and sustainability managers.

We will discuss how an energy audit can be implemented in detail and look at various strategies that can be used to maximize the impact of the process on your buildings in 2021. Insights will be provided on combining this program with other federal and municipal incentive programs.

SPG Energy Team Manager, Deeti Patel, will be joined by Business Development Managers Adam Trovato and Robin Lucidarme to answer your questions on developing an energy efficiency strategy that works with your company values.

November 26th 2020, 9am PST (10am MST)


November 26th 2020, 9am PST (10am MST)

Adam Trovato

Director of Business Development

Adam Trovato manages the Business Development team at SPG and has helped his clients access over $5 million in energy efficiency and renewable energy funding since 2015. Adam is a certified engineering technologist with a specialty in alternative energy technologies and energy efficiency.

Deeti Patel

Energy Team Manager @Sustainable Projects Group

Deeti Patel is the energy team Manager at Sustainable Projects Group. She has been in the sustainability sector for a while and has been working on various energy efficiency projects since 2017.

Webinar Agenda

During the webinar, we will cover the following items:

November 26th 2020, 9am PST (10am MST)