Tap into the energy of a diversely skilled team.

Energizing Efficiency

We’re not only plugged into industry best practices… we’re shaping them.

Through our history of innovation, we:

  • Have audited and retrofit over 350 schools across Canada.

  • Secured more than $5 million dollars in incentive funding for our partners.

  • Provided support for our international and national property management companies covering hundreds of facilities from BC to PEI.

  • Helped shape the incentive programs in Alberta and currently support our clients with incentives in all provinces as well as from the federal government.

Why are organizations choosing SPG?

Our strength is in the diversity and experience of our team. We are industry and thought leaders at the vanguard of progress toward a low carbon future.

This means we invest in and work with local industry alliances and governments to design grant programs and provide our clients the maximum financial incentives available for their investment. Last year alone we processed the most incentive dollars through the Energy Efficiency Alberta BNI program.

We innovate and design for the future.

It’s all about knowing where energy innovations are headed, ensuring you don’t get stuck with the technology of today, while the world moves towards the technology of tomorrow.

Our impact grows greater with each step of the journey on which we embark with our clients. From assessment, to design, to implementation and beyond, we have industry leading experts at every stage of your energy saving project, all working behind one single point of contact.

Why take a design-build approach?

Energy auditors identify where energy and dollars are lost.

Engineers design schemes by which energy and dollars might be saved.

Technicians and installers align schemes with reality, for actual savings in energy and costs.

At SPG, our interdisciplinary team works in collaboration to create real savings across all project stages, and the gaps in between. That’s where money is often lost. Don’t just save on energy costs once a project is complete, optimize your full potential of cost savings during project design and implementation with SPG.