Built on best practices in energy efficiency.

SPG provides three types of installation projects.

For each of our three installation project options, we provide industry-leading safety protocols and a safety management system that allows clients to track safety reports of all projects and in real time.

1. Energy Efficiency Projects

Our teams have extensive experience installing specialized energy efficiency projects, including high efficiency equipment including lighting controls, VFDs, building automation, energy production equipment, and more.

2. Construction

Our experienced installers tap into the knowledge of a team of diverse engineers and technologists, allowing us to look at the big picture of your construction project and identify ways to do things better and cut costs by up to 40 percent through our design-build approach.

3. Maintenance

We provide one team and one high standard of quality across many locations. Property Management companies prefer our competitive rates, quick response times and streamlined maintenance services.

We provide one on-call team, tapped into the unique and diverse expertise of our people, to serve many buildings across the city, province or country. This makes billing easier and reduces the risk involved with hiring multiple service providers to meet the ongoing needs and unique standards of your assets.