Calculate your energy savings in real time.

SPG provides three different types of Energy Audits.

Each of the audits below come with an energy savings dashboard that allows you to calculate your energy savings in real time and advertise your sustainability practices to the world.

1. Scoping Audit (ASHRAE Level 1)

A scoping audit is equivalent to an ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers) Level 1 Assessment. This assessment brings a team of SPG industry specialists to your facility to identify basic Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs), including no-cost and low-cost opportunities; various upgrade recommendations to building systems (water, energy, lighting); and, potential areas of opportunity requiring further analysis. All costs and Payback data for potential projects are based on industry standards.

Typical Energy Conservation Measures Include:

  • Heat Recovery
  • Lighting Control Systems
  • Power Factor Improvement
  • Electrical Demand Management
  • Boiler System Improvements
  • Strategic Energy Management
  • Building Automation
  • Building Envelope Improvements
  • Variable Frequency Drives
  • Compressed Air Improvements
  • Refrigeration
  • Water system Improvements

2. Energy Audit (ASHRAE Level 2+)

An SPG Level 2+ Audit is a more in-depth analysis into specific and/or unique areas of a facility. The equivalent of an ASHRAE 2 or 3, the Energy Engineering Audit includes all measures in a Scoping Audit but focuses on actional implementation costs for installing the identified ECMs. Where possible all high-value projects will also be analyzed by our installation teams to identify any potential roadblocks or costs saving opportunities associated with the installation before budgets are set, this greatly increases the likelihood of a successful project.

3. Energy Engineering Audit (ASHRAE Level 3)

An SPG Energy Engineering Audit is more in-depth analysis into a specific system or project of a facility. The equivalent of an ASHRAE Level 3, the Energy Engineering Audit provides an investment grade assessment of your project and typically involves actual data logging onsite over a defined time period.

This process allows us to retrieve specific data (energy use, costs, payback data, etc.) and actionable quotes needed to move forward on projects from an engineering or financial standpoint.

Assessments could include:

  • quantitative engineering analysis, including budgetary information and paybacks,
  • data logging and equipment use assessments,
  • electrical circuitry harmonic assessments,
  • natural gas burn efficiencies; flue gas analysis,
  • in-depth building automation analysis,
  • assessment for occupancy control systems,
  • in depth steam system and heat transfer analysis,
  • thermal scans,
  • assessment of onsite energy production opportunities,
  • measurement and verification services and plans,
  • other unique opportunities specific to each site.