Install your project with Canada’s highest trained professionals in energy efficiency

With teams of experts behind every craft required for energy efficiency projects, SPG has the right people for your job.

Don’t leave your energy efficiency installation project to the generalists. Bring in the energy efficiency specialists.

We are leading experts on energy efficiency. We train, present and build on best practices in energy efficiency. Our multidisciplinary team has industry leading expertise on what it takes to install your project reliably, safely and in compliance with industry codes.


Not only are our installers industry leaders in implementation, but they also have the support of the SPG engineers, designers and energy efficiency experts who they work with on a daily basis. With expertise in electrical, lighting, mechanical, refrigeration, building envelope, controls and maintenance, SPG installers undertake your unique project with integrity, skill and the deeper insight of a team.

For each of our three installation project options, we provide industry-leading safety protocols and a safety management system that allows clients to track safety reports of all projects and in real time.