Don’t leave money on the table. Learn more about Incentive & Rebate Programs in energy efficiency.

Every year thousands of available dollars for energy efficiency projects are left unclaimed due to complex application processes and requirements.

SPG shaped energy efficiency programs across the country. We can help you benefit from them.

We believe in the power of sustainability. We also believe in the power of technology and innovation. The world is rapidly moving towards leaner energy consumption as governments set higher energy conservation standards. SPG regularly works with government and industry organizations to design energy efficiency standards and rebate programs that make a difference economically and environmentally.

As advocates for energy efficiency in Western Canada, we work with local alliances to bring our clients the maximum available financial incentives to bring down the costs of their building projects. We know what governments are looking for and can provide the tips, the tricks and support to navigate the complex paperwork involved in applying for grants and incentives. For example, last year alone, SPG processed one of the highest amounts of incentive dollars through the BNI incentive program. We can help you gain the most possible incentive dollars to offset project costs through:

  • Training and presentations to educate your teams on grants and incentive programs available for energy efficiency projects across the country
  • Grant/application writing support for incentive programs and grants.

If you are interested in an SPG providing a presentation and run down of all of the programs that are applicable to you please contact us.