Knowledge is power. Energy Audits empower you to reduce energy and save costs.

Do your due diligence, have the right data, and bring confidence to the table when embarking on energy conservation projects with your organization.

So many buildings. So much energy. So little time. Reduce time, cost and risk with SPG.

The world of energy efficiency is complex. Theories on energy efficiency don’t always match with on-the-ground realities. That’s where risks, time and costs can potentially add up. Property Managers need to minimize the time and risk involved in large scale energy conservation projects across diverse assets and geographical realities.

Not all buildings are the same, so cookie-cutter solutions will not cut it. Numerous buildings in your portfolio require extensive analysis by technical experts to look at internal factors (systems and technologies) and external factors (energy costs, legislation, incentive programs) that vary from border to border.

How does an SPG energy audit work?

An SPG energy audit will verify and identify where you can save on costs through the energy, water and lighting systems of your facilities.

Step 1 – Site Assessment

Our interdisciplinary team of specialists conduct a thorough site assessment of all your properties. The team collects information on all building systems such as electrical, mechanical, water, building envelope, etc.

Step 2 – Analysis and Modeling

Using a top-down and bottom-up approach, we have an accurate picture of how everything works. From the bottom-up, we investigate all your on-the-ground equipment such as pumps, lighting, boilers, windows, and other equipment unique to your facility. 

From the top-down, we analyze your water and energy bills and overall energy use and get an accurate picture of costs. By combining these we end up with a model where we can identify patterns in energy loss and run various scenarios of potential energy conservation projects and outcomes.

Step 3 – Reporting

Finally, we provide a report of recommended ECM's (Energy Conservation Measures) to help you save. Our goal is to provide actionable costs and quotes that can be used for budgeting purposes rather than estimating costs based on industry norms. 

Our detailed reports give you the numbers and payoff data you need to bring to the table of decision makers.

For each of our energy audits, we provide an energy savings dashboard that allows you to calculate your energy savings in real time and advertise your sustainability practices to the world.