Working with Property Managers and Industrial Facilities to save money, energy and the environment.

Our innovation is rooted in curiosity.

We wanted to know why clients weren’t implementing recommendations from fully-funded energy audits. We did the research. We discovered three main reasons for inaction among energy or sustainability managers:

  1. Lack of available time
  2. Risk aversion over project uncertainties
  3. Costs of implementation

Save time through the power of numbers and technology

We provide the expertise of an interdisciplinary team and use leading-edge software technologies. Our ability to crunch numbers, sift through data and prioritize your projects saves you time.

Reducing risk by equipping and protecting you

We empower clients with tailored facts and technical specifications through high-touch advisory relationships with certified professionals who are intimately familiar with industry standards and regulations. We also provide additional warranty materials and labour.

Reducing up front and/or full project costs

We offer multiple financing options and intimate awareness of all available incentive programs, which we helped shape.