Summary of Alberta Energy Efficiency Program


As part of Alberta’s Climate Leadership Plan, Energy Efficiency Alberta (EEA) was created. EEA is a new provincial agency that is responsible for the creation and support of incentive programs that will reduce Alberta’s Energy use and lower the Carbon Footprint of Albertans. In the current literature, the values and plans of EEA along with the latest update of their confirmed programs will be presented.

EEA’s objectives and values:

Vision – To make Alberta a leader in Energy efficiency by making energy solutions more affordable and accessible. Incentives and information will be the key drivers to realize this vision.

Program Portfolio – To establish a diversified incentive portfolio allowing an improvement of Energy Efficiency in all applications. Program will evolve over time to accommodate changes in the market (ie. Programs will be based on cost effectiveness of improving energy efficiency)

Funding – EEA is planning to have a rolling five-year budget to establish a  minimum time horizon to enable effective planning cycle

Agency – EEA plans to establish a monitoring agency that tracks and measures the performance of EEA’s programs in improve Alberta’s Energy efficiency. Third party evaluators will be hired to audit programs.

Quick Facts:

  • EEA has one administrating group for each of their incentive programs:
Incentive ProgramsAdministrators
Residential No- Charge Energy Savings ProgramEcofit
Business, Non-Profit, and Institution Energy Savings ProgramICF
Residential and Commercial Solar ProgramTBD
Residential Retail Product Program
        Home Improvement Rebate ProgramSummerhill Group
        Instant Saving CampaignTBD

Latest Programs

Residential No-cost Energy Savings Program (Launched April 2017): Offers direct, no charge installations of energy efficient products in residential dwellings. Installations will be conducted by qualified agents and products will be provided by qualified vendors. Residential applicants can register their homes by filling the application form. The incentive is a based on a first come first serve basis so apply soon!

Eligibility and considerationsApplicable Products
–          Single detached, semi detached, townhouses, or apartment/condo dwellings will be eligible–          Age, square footage, number of residents, bathrooms, and fuel used for heating will all be parameters of consideration–          LED lights (Nightlight, lightbulbs, and Exit signs)–          Faucet Aerators–          Low-flow showerheads–          Advanced power strips for audio-visual equipment–          Smart or self adjusting thermostats

Note: For exact products list, please refer to link.

Residential Products: Rebate programs for general consumers purchasing energy efficient products. Program offers point of sale, online or mail in rebates. Currently the program is divided into two:

Home Improvement Rebates Program (Launched April 28th, 2017): This program offers rebates for Insulations, Windows, and Tankless Hot Water Heaters. Upgrades are encouraged to be conducted by qualified contractors such as SPG:

  1. Insulations (Up to $3500) – Existing insulations used
    1. Types of Insulation that qualify for the program:
      • Rolls or batts
      • Blown – in
      • Loose fill
      • Rigid Board
      • Spray foam
  1. Estimated Rebate will depend on the change of R-Value between the existing and new insulation. The R-Value is a measure of the insulation material’s ability to resist heat transfer and an indicator of how well it can retain heat for your property or asset. The higher the R-value, the better it will keep heat inside your property where it belongs.
Starting PointEnding PointEst. Rebate per 100 sq. ft
Main wallsR-12R-50$42.62
  1. Windows (Up to $1500) –
Existing WindowEnergy StarTriple Pane, Low-E, Argon Window
SizeFrameWindow PanesMin Rebate
Small 24” x 24”MetalSingle$36
Wood/ VinylSingle$17
Medium 36” x 36”MetalSingle$79
Wood/ VinylSingle$49
Large 72” x 72”MetalSingle$306
Wood/ VinylSingle$241
  • Tankless Water Heater (Up to $1000) –
Fuel TypeExisting Tank TypeMin Rebate
Natural GasConventional$585.84
Conventional(Standing Pilot)$944.76
Induced Draft$534.38
Induced Draft(Standing Pilot)893.30

(*) – Most commonly used in Alberta

Instant Savings Campaign (April 28 to June 11, 2017): This program offer point of sale savings to energy efficient products to retailers. Qualified Energy efficient products such as Energy Star rated LED bulbs, LED fixtures, programmable Thermostats, dimmers, motion sensors, powerbars, timers, low flow faucets, and low flow showerheads will receive price reduction at various retailer locations. For full program details, please refer to their website.

Business, Non-Profit and Institutional (BNI) Rebate Program (Mid-May 2017 Launch): Incentive programs for high efficiency retrofits of lighting, HVAC, and hot water systems for businesses, non-profit and institutions. In order to qualify for this program:

  1. The organization applying for this incentive must be a customer serviced by AB Electric or Gas utilities except for those classified as “large final emitters”. Eligible organizations include:
    • Institutions such as schools, hospitals, universities, and colleges
    • Office Buildings
    • Shopping malls
    • Box stores
    • Car dealerships
    • Hotels
    • Individual or medium businesses
    • Industries such as agri-food, manufacturing, and resource extraction
  2. Applicable products include energy efficient products for lighting, HVAC, and water heating appliances. Products used must comply with the following requirements:
    • LED Lamps and bulbs in general must be Energy Star approved
    • All fixtures used must be a Qualified DLC (DesignLights Consortium) product
    • High efficiency furnaces, condensing boilers, or near condensing boilers must be used for HVAC upgrades
    • Condensing storage or condensing tankless water heaters must be used for new hot water applications.

For full product specifications, please refer to their detailed application page.

Residential and Commercial Solar Program (Summer): Program offers rebate for solar photovoltaic (PV) systems. The program is expected to reduce solar installation costs by 25 – 30 % for businesses and residences by 2019. Latest news from Alberta Energy Alliance is that program will reduce all the cost of solar projects so that it will yield a 7 year payback.

Other Available Programs

Non-Profit Energy Efficiency Transition (NEET) Program: Provides funding to help non-profit and volunteer groups to audit the efficiency of their lighting, HVAC, and hot water systems. Once equipped with audit information, agencies can then take advantage of the BNI Rebate program.

To participate in the NEET program, apply at or contact NEET via phone at 780.422.2254 or email at

Article by Tayber Yastremski