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SPG Energy Services

“Quality is never an accident; it comes with intelligent effort” – William Foster

The Challenge

Prior to working with SPG, most clients have identified three main challenges with energy projects:

  • A lack of available time
  • Uncertainty or risk of project implementation
  • Costs to implement.



The Solution

The goal of SPG is to minimize the three challenges:

  • Most of our clients find that their time requirements on projects are greatly reduced. By working with a dedicated SPG project manager, companies will have access to a full range of specialists through a single point of contact.
  • Client risks are minimized by receiving additional warranty on materials and labour, utilizing certified professionals who understand industry standards and regulations, and leveraging modelling software for new designs.
  • Implementation costs will be greatly reduced by working with professionals who understand available incentive programs and can offer financing options which eliminate upfront costs.


Lighting Efficiency

SPG Lighting works with companies to identify, re-design, and implement energy saving opportunities through lighting upgrades.

SPG is not tied to one brand of fixture; we specifically do not sell the SPG brand light so that we can offer unbiased advice on products for your building.

With SPG Lighting our teams use lighting layout software to optimize the number of fixtures required in your facility.  The lighting layouts allow a pre-assessment of what the lighting levels will be prior to committing to an installation and ensuring all industry standards are met.The majority of our clients have been able to achieve a 50% – 90% savings on their lighting costs (multi-residential facilities can be wasting more than $2,000 each month).

What we do

  • Conduct a lighting assessment to identify opportunities
  • Design a new lighting layout
  • Create a report including financial analysis
  • Install new project
  • Finance the project if required

Energy Efficiency

One of the greatest challenges managers face with energy projects is time.

With SPG Energy our teams will identify the opportunities, design solutions, install and implement the changes, and provide ongoing support.  As our client’s single point of contact for energy upgrades we help managers boost their net operating capital with minimal time requirements.

The majority of our clients have been able to achieve a 30% – 50% savings on their energy bills.

What we do

  • Conduct an energy audit to identify opportunities
  • Develop a report with financial analysis
  • Design an implementation plan for key projects
  • Install new projects


SPG Water works with companies to identify, act, and then implement water saving opportunities. Our team consists of environmental professionals, plumbers, irrigation specialists, and mechanical installers.

With SPG Water our teams will identify the opportunities, design solutions, and install and implement the changes.  As our client’s single point of contact for water upgrades we help managers significantly reduce their water usage with minimal time requirements.

What we do

  • Conduct water audits to identify opportunities
  • Develop a report with financial analysis
  • Design an implementation plan for key projects
  • Install new projects

Service Steps


We conduct an in-depth analysis of high potential savings opportunities in your facility.

You will receive a detailed report on your existing systems, new energy efficient equipment options, and a financial analysis.

All suggestions are actionable opportunities; upon approval SPG can implement any of the projects.


Replacing existing fixtures one-for-one with new LEDs does not fully take advantage of the opportunity.

By providing lighitng models SPG can leverage new technology to minimize the number of fixtures required saving on upfront costs and ongoing energy requirements.

Modelling allows you to see your system prior to installation and ensures all lighting levels are up to published engineering standards.

Incentives and Financing

Options are available to make projects cash-flow positive from day one requiring no upfront capital expenses.

SPG offers presentations to staff on exisitng options and programs available in their industry and province.



SPG’s teams have extensive experience installing specialized high efficiency equipment including lighting controls, VFDs, building automation, or energy production equipment.

When working with the SPG team you will have access to some of Canada’s highest trained professionals in the building energy efficiency space. SPG specializes in working with portfolios allowing owners and managers to identify the most significant opportunities.

Warranty Support

With a flood of low cost products in the industry, problems can arise with equipment regardless of manufacturer claimed warranties

SPG only installs equipment that it can stand behind and does so with its additional warranty program

If a fault arises during the product warranty SPG will work with the manufacturer to provide a replacement

If you are being quoted low cost material take time to assess the validity of the warranty