Introduction to ESG

Your business has an impact on the world- make it a positive one.

ESG reporting is quickly becoming the norm for companies to communicate their value beyond profit margins. With the global drive towards sustainability, investors and stakeholders are increasingly looking to ESG reports and practices to manage their investments. Having a robust ESG framework in place will benefit not only your business, but also customers, tenants, and employees who wish to be a part of creating a better- and more energy efficient- world. 

What is ESG?

ESG stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance. ESG reporting is becoming the norm for communicating how your company works towards bettering the environment, strengthened relationships between employees, customers, and the community, and ensuring a competent, ethical, and equitable governance system is in place. While there are no hard and fast rules to reporting or developing a framework, ESG best practices involve establishing a clear and achievable strategy that incorporates your company’s own values, mission, and vision. 

Metrics for ESG May include:


Energy efficiency

Water efficiency

Energy/renewables usage

Emissions reductions

Waste management

Environmental management system

Climate change strategy



Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Freedom of association

Health and safety


Human rights 

Employee engagement 

Community development

Indigenous relations



High-level commitment to ESG



Board composition 

Board independence

Executive compensation

Shareholder democracy

Financial reporting & transparency 

Why should you implement ESG practices?

Sustainability is becoming the most important metric for a business today- customers, employees, and investors want to know how you as a company are ensuring your business is making a positive impact in the world. 

An ESG Framework can help your company:

Reduce energy, water, and waste – thus reducing your operating costs

Secure community and regulatory support for projects

Drive strategic resource allocation

Boost employee morale and productivity

Appeal to socially and environmentally conscientious stakeholders and investors

Contribute towards a more sustainable future

An effective ESG strategy can reduce your environmental footprint, improve relationships with your community and employees, ensure your business is effectively governed, and save you money while drawing investors from all over the globe.

How SPG Can Help

Navigating the world of sustainability can be tricky – with an abundance of information, it can be difficult to decide on what factors will be effective for your business. As there is no one single framework that guides ESG reporting, it can be unclear of where to start. Without a plan, ESG can become complex, adding another reporting burden to managers who already have enough on their plate. 

This is where SPG comes in- with the combination of an agile, centralized software and an experienced, multi-disciplinary team, we can help your company navigate the requirements of ESG reporting, developing effective metrics that are customized to your business’s mission, values, and vision. 

We can establish frameworks and identify factors that are material to your company, set benchmarks, and collect quantitative data. SPG will help you develop a strategy and action plan that is cost-effective, achievable, and sustainable. Our software system will provide a one-stop-shop for all your data and reporting needs, reducing the complexity of sustainability reporting and ensuring your data is up to date and actionable, saving you money as you save energy.

Make sure you’re not left behind- contact an SPG representative today to discuss how we can help you start your journey towards sustainability and ESG reporting. 


Affiliations and Designations

We innovate and design for the future- it’s all about knowing where energy innovations are headed, ensuring you don’t get stuck with the technology of today while the world moves towards tomorrow. With every journey we embark on, we ensure impactful changes are being made and work closely with our clients to develop feasible solutions. From assessment, to design, to implementation and beyond, we have industry leading experts that will guide and collaborate with you at every stage of your energy project.