Corporate Energy and Sustainability Strategy

Why develop a Corporate Sustainability Strategy?

Businesses are powerful actors in society. As the world moves towards a more sustainable future, corporations can have a significant impact on developing that path. By creating an energy and sustainability strategy, you are setting your business up for success in a rapidly shifting environment and showing stakeholders your commitment to improvingbettering our world.

We’ll help you to create an effective energy efficiency strategy that has the staying power needed to hit long term targets. We can help you do your part to help the environment and lower your energy bills.

Strategy Development

Develop a data-driven strategy that makes sense for your business.

Alignment & Buy-In

Clear communication of your goals with stakeholders and employees is critical for successful execution.


Effectively manage your resources to ensure milestones are met.

What SPG can do for you?

It can seem daunting to start navigating the complex world of sustainability- we’re here to help. Our team of experts can guide you from the very beginning in developing a strategy that makes sense for you, and will work with you every step of the way in assessing and managing your corporate goals. Whether you want to improve your ESG rating, apply for sustainability certification, or simply want to start using less energy, we have you covered.

Give your business a competitive advantage

Studies show that over 80% of global consumers strongly believe businesses should hold a sustainability strategy, and 66% of consumers would spend more for a product that comes from a sustainable company1. By developing a sustainability strategy, you are letting the market know that you care, and communicating to investors and stakeholders that you are prepared for a changing world.


Improve efficiencies

Companies with strategies in place significantly reduce their energy and water consumption, reducing operation costs and increasing profits.

Better the environment, and your community

By developing and maintaining sustainable operating practices, you will reduce your environmental footprint, making the world a better place for future generations.

Get in touch to start developing a data-driven strategy that sets you on the path for long term savings.

Affiliations and Designations

We innovate and design for the future- it’s all about knowing where energy innovations are headed, ensuring you don’t get stuck with the technology of today while the world moves towards tomorrow. With every journey we embark on, we ensure impactful changes are being made and work closely with our clients to develop feasible solutions. From assessment, to design, to implementation and beyond, we have industry leading experts that will guide and collaborate with you at every stage of your energy project.