Introduction To
Building Certifications

Improve your building’s energy performance and draw investors with green building certifications.

Green building certifications are programs which are designed to benchmark, rate, and compare buildings on their environmental performance. By having green standards in place, companies can minimize energy use, reduce emissions, and ensure facilities are safe, comfortable, and enjoyable for tenants, employees, and customers. Having a building certification is also a great way to communicate to stakeholders and investors that your business is working to minimize the environmental footprint of your buildings.

SPG can help your business navigate building certification processes and paperwork, streamline data collection and analysis, and ensure your application is set up for success.

Certifying Your Building Can Result In:

Reduced Operations Costs


Minimized energy and water use


Increased asset value


Reduced emissions



Increased asset value


National & international recognition

Some recognized building certifications include:


Energy Star Certification

Energy Star certification is available for commercial and institutional buildings in Canada. An Energy Star certified building is recognized as being high performing and energy efficient.


BOMA BEST (Building Owners and Managers Association’s Building Environmental Standards) is the industry standard for commercial building sustainability certification in Canada. BOMA is designed to assess the environmental performance and management level of existing buildings across a wide variety of building archetypes and allow building owners and managers track energy consumption across their portfolio.


Perhaps the most widely used certification program, LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is a third-party certification program and internationally recognized benchmark for the design, construction, and operation of green buildings. A LEED certified building is recognized to be holistically sustainable and energy efficient, with scores given across a wide range of metrics.

How SPG can help

SPG’s team of experts can help your company navigate the often complex world of building certification. We offer guidance on what certification programs are available and which ones would be a good fit for your company, depending on your portfolio composition, energy goals, and investment roadmap. 

Make sure your investment and time are used wisely- we will ensure all the boxes are ticked to guarantee a smooth certification process. SPG will work closely with you to:

Building certifications are an investment that will pay off in energy savings, investment opportunities, and recognition. SPG will optimize your investment by ensuring your data is collected and organized in an effective manner, setting you up for success for years to come.
Contact an SPG representative today to discuss building certification schemes that will work for you and set you on the path for long term savings.