JOBI (Joint Operational and Building Intelligence)


JOBI (Joint Operational and Building Intelligence)   JOBI is a building intelligence application designed for energy managers to assist in optimizing and managing energy efficiency strategies. Joint Operational and Buildings Intelligence; otherwise known as, JOBI, is an integrated digital platform that helps property owners, managers, and consultants effectively identify and implement energy conservation opportunities. It […]



SPG’s Research Committee Presents: EndoTherm case study EndoTherm is an additive for hydronic based heating systems. It improves the thermal properties of water, producing natural gas savings of up to 15%. In 2019, SPG recommended the installation of EndoTherm at three Multi-unit residential buildings (MURBs) in northern Alberta. This technical case study showcases that the […]

Global Boiler Water Treatment Plant Market Report


Intro DataIntelo has published a latest market research report on Global Boiler Water Treatment Plant Market. The global report is prepared in collaboration with the leading industry experts and dedicated research analyst team to provide an enterprise with in-depth market insights and help them to take crucial business decisions. This report covers current market trends, opportunities, […]

Bullfrog Power – EEA

As part of Alberta’s Climate Leadership Plan, Energy Efficiency Alberta (EEA) was created. EEA is a new provincial agency that is responsible for the creation and support of incentive programs that will reduce Alberta’s Energy use and lower the Carbon Footprint of Albertans. In the current literature, the values and plans of EEA along with […]